Actually yes, men and women can be friends. I haven’t watched JHMS so I won’t speak on that but I’ll tell you what I’ve learned empirically. Men and women can be best friends. They grow close together so fast, it’s amazing. Sometimes it happens that one of the two starts developing some feelings for the other that make them cross the line. As long as this situation is not developing, men and women can be badass friends.

The Next Level

Since I have always believed in this theory, I’ve never developed such feelings for my girlfriends. Contrary to the Indian belief and common saying of Hasi To Phase (You are set off she laughs) I have always believed that if a girl is laughing around you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s interested in taking things to the next level or pitching sex there. It just means that she wants to be friends with you as well. This is what I believe though.

I would be lying if I say that otherwise hasn’t happened to me. Sometimes, even with me, it has happened that I grew close to a girl with the belief that we’re good friends but later on, it turned out that she was infatuated or had a crush. When these things first happened, things went south for that friendship. A lot of my friendships have been ruined because of this. We were so close. I almost miss them.

But, to answer your questions, yes, they can be friends!

I have too many girlfriends.

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