Can Men and Women be Just FRIENDS?

Actually yes, men and women can be friends. I haven’t watched JHMS so I won’t speak on that but I’ll tell you what I’ve learned empirically.

Men and women can be best of friends. They grow close together so fast, it’s amazing.

Sometimes it happens that one of the two starts developing some feelings for the other that makes them cross the line. As long as this situation is not developing, men and women can be badass friends.

Since I have always believed in this theory, I’ve never developed such feelings for my girl-friends.

Contrary to the Indian belief and common saying of Hasi To Phasi (You are set of she laughs) I have always believed that if a girl is laughing around you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s interested in taking things to the next level or pitching sex there. It just means that she wants to be friends with you as well. This is what I believe though.

I would be lying if I say the otherwise hasn’t happened to me. Sometimes, even with me, it has happened that I grew close to a girl with the believe that we’re good friends but later on, it turned out that she was infatuated or had a crush. When these things first happened, things went south for that friendship. A lot of my friendships have been ruined because of this. We were so close. I almost miss them.

But, to answer your questions, yes, they can be friends!

I have too many girl-friends!

5 Lessons People Most Often Learn Too Late in Life

  1. Life is short. Everyone knows the end is inevitable but few realize how close we are the day we are born. Realizing “Life is Short” will promote the appropriate sense of urgency. Start your bucket list at birth if you want to complete it. You only have one life and there’s not much time left in it.
  2. Get it Done Young. The sooner you accomplish your goals, the longer you can reap the rewards. Graduating college at 40 leaves fewer years to enjoy the salary increase. Buying a house young, pay it off earlier. Children, the sooner you have them the more time you get with them.
  3. Take Care of Your Body. The aging process will wreak havoc on your body regardless. Don’t assist the process with bad habits like smoking, drinking, overeating and avoiding exercise.
  4. Start Saving Money Early. Compound interest is your best friend but you have to start early to make it work. The Concept Of Compounding. If you save $50 per month at age 21, with a modest 5% interest rate, you will have about $80,000 at age 60. If you start at 39, you will have half as much.
  5. The Things that Matter Most Won’t for Long! This is a hard lesson. That band you start at 18 will be forgotten by age 25. That company you devote your life to will lay you off at the drop of a hat. I cannot stress enough this lesson. That BMW will eventually be worthless. When you are 50 it will not matter what you drove at 35. You cannot buy enough stuff that doesn’t matter to make you happy. Try to make every decision after answering, “Does it REALLY matter?”

What is Something Men Need to Understand?

1.) There is ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME in showing emotions, men cry too.

2.) There is NO CORRELATION whatsoever between having a college degree and being successful in life, the latter requires more than just acing your subjects.

3.) Choose someone NOT JUST on the criteria of physical attraction. Lust fades, love steadies itself, what makes a long-term relationship work is mutual compatibility and trust.

4.) SPEAK UP if you are a victim of male sexual abuse. Admitting it won’t make you less of a man. There’s a reason prison jokes exist!

5.) The sooner you meet people outside of your traditional circles, the faster you realize just how cruel the world is. IT WILL STEEL YOURSELF for the future.

6.) KEEP IMPROVING yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others. Be content with what you have.

7.) NEVER MAKE A DECISION because of societal / family / peer pressure, do it only if it appeals to you. (the whole world be damned!)

8.) GROOM YOURSELF. And look how your immediate society’s behaviour towards you changes.

9.) INSULTING OTHERS (often stemming from juvenile bullying) who are different from you won’t make you butch. Better be known as the guy who gets along with everyone, despite differences.

10.) SPEAK UP AGAINST INJUSTICE. Be known as the man who knows how to take a stance against anything wrong. Be known for your moral code and integrity.

11.) NEVER BORROW MONEY. Be a self-made man. Live your life according to your financial standards, and be happy with the smaller things of life.

12.) MAKE YOUR MARK. Walk, and in turn inspire many, to walk down the perilous path of life successfully. Try doing something worthwhile for others, so that people remember you fondly when you are gone.