Men don’t go crazy unless there’s an underlying mental illness. It’s mostly because of intimate relationships and their troubles. Also, men are hardwired to look for solutions even when there are none and give up everything for the sake of their women, even if they’re downright evil.

A close friend of mine had this happen to him. Being in a relationship with a girl who was a little elder than him, he thought he would eventually end up with her. The girl battered his ego consistently and hurt him every day with belittling words like ugly or repulsive. Trust me, this guy is really good-looking yet here he was with someone who didn’t appreciate the things he used to do. I’ve been told he’s slept in bus stations. He traveled far to meet her and when he turned up in the city, she didn’t turn up.


The thing that really broke him was the constant flirting around with other men, in his presence. None of us can stand that shit. Here he was, still trying to get her to notice him. I can’t even start to imagine the battering my self-respect would take in such situations. Yet, he stuck through. Although my question is always WHY he couldn’t have answered it because psychologically the victim of mental/emotional abuse starts becoming dependent on the abuser. It gets hard to step away. He caught her in the club dancing with other men and she had told him the general, “I’ll be at home, sleeping.”

Family Problems

He has tried to cut himself. Fought with his parents, and almost ran away from home his insecurities had jacked up so much, any girl he came in contact with basically was driven away. The insecurities of a man being mentally abused are hard to take care of. They need to be addressed with utmost care. Otherwise, they shatter like a thin pieces of glass. His life had ended, he saw no way out of it. She made him a snarky, miserable image of his former self. Eventually, after three years he realized what she was doing to him and broke up with her completely. I’m just glad they never reached the marriage stage.

What my friend was, jerky with insecurities to what he is now is a huge difference. He has now blossomed into a beautiful individual and knows what he wants out of himself and his relationships. When I see someone flourishing with self-respect, it makes me happy. I can just watch him like that and fill myself with happiness.


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