Being childfree backfired on me when I applied for my dream job


I work in social services as a Parent Educator. Parent Education is a new program my company has recently started so essentially I am a guinea pig and learning as I go. I also happen to be childfree but I am not vocal about it since I work with children. My supervisors know I’m 23 and don’t have children.

Having children is not necessary for this line of work. I have a client to whom I’m supposed to be providing parenting services. I’ve worked with her in the past, she knows who I am, so I didn’t think we’d have issues setting up parenting meetings.

Boy was I wrong.

We planned to meet this past Monday. The client didn’t show up. I called her, no response. My supervisor messaged her, no response. I called the next day, no response. I emailed her social worker who informed me my client “will not work with a parenting educator that doesn’t have children.” Oy vey. I understand her view but I don’t think she should be talking since she lost custody of her 7 children. I’ve received training and education in childhood development. I’m no parenting specialist by any means but at least I didn’t lose custody of every child in my brood.

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