Single parents need to stop acting like they’re shocked some people don’t want to date them


I’m in no way saying that if you’re a single parent you should just give up on finding someone. I want people who desire a partner to find one and be happy. But a lot of single parents seem to have this firmly held belief that anyone who turns them down must hate them and hate kids. No. No one is picking on you by having boundaries. Kids are a huge responsibility and a lot of us don’t wanna deal with it.

You can “I won’t put any responsibility on you”, “My baby mama/daddy isn’t dramatic like the other ones”, “I won’t neglect you” etc all you like, all of those claims almost always end up not coming true. Your new GF/BF is always gonna be a distant second to the kids – and that doesn’t make you bad. You SHOULD put your kids first. But just like you’re not bad, others aren’t bad for wanting to date another CF person and be their priority. TL;dr single parents don’t want to accept that the dating pool will likely have slimmer pickings for them. No one’s being a meanie and picking on them.

What would you do if your child or teenager threw a birthday party, and nobody showed up?

This didn’t happen to my son, but to my younger brother, on his 6th birthday (I was 17).

So my mom handed out every invitation and some parents actually responded and made sure they were going.

The day came and nobody showed up. My mom was furious and my brother was so sad. My mom was busy calling the parents, but I didn’t care about them, to be honest; I just wanted to cheer up my brother.

So I called some of my closest friends, and I told them, it’s my brother’s birthday party, come on over, there’s plenty of food.

In an hour they were there and we had a blast, we jumped in the bouncy house, and I taught my brother how to play FIFA, he opened his presents, and my friends actually got him something on their way. We sang happy birthday and he started crying and hugged me and we blew the candles together.

He forgot all about the people that didn’t show up and he slept like a baby.