Emotional investment in a person who I thought deserved it at that time but didn’t actually.

What I learned from this experience was that one needs to find ways to love themselves first (I.e. Invest in themselves first) before one thinks one can love someone else.
Only then we don’t look to complete ourselves when we look for a partner.

When I say love oneself, these are some ways:

  1. Forgive yourself for the mistakes done in the past, or for any stupid things you may have said or done.
  2. Accept who you are fully, and understand your faults and limitations so that they wouldn’t be a barrier to doing what you really wish to do.
  3. Forgive the ones who have wronged you and those who have hurt you like exes and parents ( if you feel they didn’t raise you right)
    Note: This doesn’t apply to abusers – emotional, sexual, or physical.
  4. Being grateful for all that you have.
  5. Being proud of all your achievements to date & all the plans & dreams you have for your future! 🙂
  6. There are many ways to do more, of course, but these are some I could come up with right now.

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