VICKSBURG, MSThe city of Vicksburg is getting ready for possible flooding from the Mississippi River. Guy said the risk of flooding is taken seriously.

“I was in waders walking out there in 2011,” Guy said.

According to Guy, the flood of 2011 has led to more preparations for flooding, and officials aren’t as nervous this time.

Flood gate, Levee Street, Vicksburg, MS
Flood gate, Levee Street, Vicksburg, MS

“We have been there before, so it really doesn’t,” Guy said. “(There’s) just a lot of work involved.”

The flood walls will take about two days to place and should protect much of the city from the rising waters, but there are still some areas that will experience flooding if the water gets too high.

“It’s not going to come over the wall, but there is an opening. There’s no wall on that end, but we should be in pretty good shape,” Guy said.

The flood stage in Vicksburg is 43 feet. By Jan. 15, the river is expected to crest at 54 feet. City officials said they don’t know exactly how much water to expect yet, but they said it’s just part of living along the river. A flood warning is also in effect for Natchez.


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