5 Early Warning Signs That You Should Stay Away from a Property – Local Records Office

Local Records Office, NORWALK, CA – There is nothing like the sad realization that your dream property is not as great as you first thought. Indeed, finding out that you have several thousand dollars worth of home repairs is no one’s idea of fun.

While a complete home inspection and a good dose of common sense will help you avoid the worst, there are some things that you should also be wary of. Here are five warning signs to heed before you sign that contract to buy your dream home.

  1. Internal Property Complication

Some internal problems for properties are easy to identify, such as termites, damp spots, and cracks in the walls and ceilings. Other problems are equally as serious yet often hidden by the sellers. For example, cracked tiles in bathrooms may indicate water damage, mold that there are ventilation problems, and brown areas that the wiring connection is poor.

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Other things to consider include water pressure, sticking windows, pipe and drain leaks, insulation levels, and pests of various kinds. It is best to run through these items like a checklist, seeing which areas you may need to obtain a professional inspection to check.

  1. External Problems

Likewise, there are various external problems for properties that are hidden from the overexcited homebuyer. One crucial element is orientation. For example, if you will be working from home and yet the property’s study receives very little natural light, you may want to reconsider.

Other elements include the condition of the fuse box, signs of asbestos, blocked drains, roof damage, garden watering systems, condition and age of nearby trees, and pollution levels. Once again, when you have done an initial assessment, you can then hire a professional for an official assessment.

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  1. Missing or Incomplete Documentations

If you think you can’t be a victim of fraud, think again. If you choose to buy your property without having all the necessary documents, you could be in a very dangerous situation, not just financially, but legally and emotionally too. The best bet to avoid such a scenario is to hire a solicitor to help with your purchase. The couple thousand that you may pay is well worth it compared to how much you could lose if you go about it by yourself.

  1. Sketchy Property History

When was the property first built? What was on the land before? Why have there been so many different tenants? If you are unable to find out the answer to these questions, either because you cannot access the information physically or the seller is giving vague answers, think twice.

There is a high chance they may be trying to cover up a shady past or incident. You are best to avoid such properties. If for some reason you still want to buy the property and want the “complete” history on the property make sure you contact “Local Records Office”.

  1. Unethical Real Estate Seller

Furthermore, if the sellers, whether a person or real estate agency, cannot answer even basic questions regarding the property for sale, you may want to reconsider your purchase. An unwillingness or lack of knowledge in answering questions suggests that either the sellers are hiding something or else not interested in selling the property. You should not pursue such properties further.

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Vicksburg Mississippi Residents Prepare for Flood

VICKSBURG, Miss. —The city of Vicksburg is getting ready for possible flooding from the Mississippi River.

Guy said the risk of flooding is taken seriously.

“I was in waders walking out there in 2011,” Guy said.

According to Guy, the flood of 2011 has led to more preparations for flooding, and officials aren’t as nervous this time.

Flood gate, Levee Street, Vicksburg, MS
Flood gate, Levee Street, Vicksburg, MS

“We have been there before, so it really doesn’t,” Guy said. “(There’s) just a lot of work involved.”

The flood walls will take about two days to place and should protect much of the city from the rising waters, but there are still some areas that will experience flooding if the water gets too high.

“It’s not going to come over the wall, but there is an opening. There’s no wall on that end, but we should be in pretty good shape,” Guy said.

Flood stage in Vicksburg is 43 feet. By Jan. 15, the river is expected to crest at 54 feet.

City officials said they don’t know exactly how much water to expect yet, but they said it’s just part of living along the river.

A flood warning is also in effect for Natchez.