How to use ‘Snapchat’ for Beginners (VIDEO)

Snapchat is one of the most popular social apps today, but how? What exactly is so special about it, and why has it been quickly sweeping up mobile users faster than anything else?

To make a long story kind of short, Snapchat is an app that truly changed how people interact with friends compared to other popular social networks like Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Not everyone gets it — particularly older adults — but Snapchat sure is all the rage among the youngest smartphone users, including teens and young adults.

Welcome to “How to Use Snapchat”. This is going to be your day one crash course and everything you need to know for your first few days with this application. Don’t be intimidated and let me know of any questions you may have! Have a great day and keep snapping!


The History of the Apple iPhone – Infographic

In early 2007 Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone. Designed to “reinvent the phone,” Apple’s iPhone has revolutionized smartphones and shaped the industry into what it is today. The first iPhone mixed a capacitive 3.5-inch multi-touch display with touch-optimized software in a simple package that was unlike anything else on the market. Over the last seven years, Apple has refined and tweaked its iPhone into what it is today: the iPhone 6.


Apple has used combinations of metal, plastic, and glass to shape and form its ideas of what a modern smartphone should look like throughout the history of the iPhone. Major redesigns with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 saw Apple push the boundaries of smartphone hardware, all while competitors were catching up. Now that the smartphone industry is moving to larger screens, Apple has been forced to respond with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Read on to see exactly how Apple evolved its iPhone hardware over the years, in our history of iPhone.iphone-history

Apple Worst Sales in 13 Years

Apple‘s investors are bracing themselves for what could be the worst quarter in 13 years. Not since 2003 has Apple reported a year-over-year decline in quarterly revenue, marking more than 50 consecutive quarters of growth. And when the iPhone debuted in 2007, Apple pushed the threshold further, growing into the most profitable company in the world today. However, with ubiquity comes market saturation, with many of Apple’s high-growth regions maturing.

Analyst are expecting earnings per share of $2.02 on $52.07 billion in revenue, according to the Estimize consensus data. Apple is the most widely covered stock on the Estimize platform, garnering more than 1,000 estimates in the last two quarters. As a result of the law of large numbers, the community has been historically more accurate than Wall Street in 82 percent of reported quarters.

iPhone 7 Will Probably Will Not Have a Headphone Jack

WIRE TELEGRAM: While we’re still a ways off from the announcement and subsequent release of the iPhone 7, early rumors have suggested that the device will largely feature the same design as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This goes against Apple’s general habit of refreshing the design of its flagships every other year, so we’re curious: Would you upgrade to the iPhone 7 if the design was largely the same as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s?

The iPhone 7 is rumored to be a slightly thinner version of the iPhone 6s, but without a headphone port and a few under-the-hood changes. Since the iPhone was unveiled in 2007, Apple has never gone more than two release cycles without radically changing the device’s design.

Earlier today, we saw an iPhone 7 case mockup be shared that showed a thinner design with no headphone port, as rumors have suggested. While some earlier rumors suggested that the casing material used would change, those rumors have been contradicted recently.

The latest iPhone 7 rumor suggested that the device would feature a thinner iPhone 6-like design with a flush camera on the back, stereo speakers, and a thinner Lightning port. Earlier this year, we asked readers what rumored iPhone 7 feature excited them the most, and the possibility of a waterproof/dust proof design. More recent rumors, however, have suggested that Apple does not plan to include that capability with the iPhone 7.

One feature that could sway people to upgrade, however, is the rumored twin-camera system. A twin-camera system could allow for a variety of new features, including optic zoom. By fitting two separate camera modules behind the lens, and creating a single lens with both standard and telephoto sections, you’d be able to switch between two different focal lengths. It could also be possible to potentially be recording video with one of the cameras while the  other takes still images.