Here are a few:

  1. We look more attractive alongside our friends than we do when we are alone. Our brain essentially scans all of the faces in the group and comes up with an average more easily than if it were to process a single face. This is called the “Cheerleader Effect”
  2. The more people present to witness an incident occur, the less likely it is for someone to step forward and help. Look up the case of Kitty Genovese if you are interested. This is called the “Bystander Effect.”
  3. We attribute our own actions to external causes and attribute other people’s actions to internal causes. For example, when something happens in our lives, we may place blame on the situation and circumstances, but partake in “fundamental attribution bias” when we witness something bad occur to someone else ( we blame their misfortune on their behavior). Essentially, this says we have no control over the events that happen to us, but other people are in control of the events that happen to them. This happens a lot more than we notice. This is called “Actor-Observor bias.”
  4. Maintaining eye contact and smiling briefly conveys warmth and competence. This also helps in getting a stranger to trust you.
  5. You can become more likable by addressing someone by their name during a conversation.
  6. Telling someone they are doing a good job ( student, employee, child) makes them work harder.
  7. We experience cognitive bias when we meet someone attractive or friendly. We tend to base the rest of their characteristics on their initial likability. When we have to decide who is more smart, kind, and funny between two women, we tend to attribute the better qualities to the more attractive woman. This is known as the “Halo Effect.”
  8. If you are negotiating with someone and they give you a partial answer, do not jump at the opportunity to respond but continue to listen. Chances are even if they completed their thought, they will continue to speak. People pick up on this and will think you are a jerk if you use this trick without any tact.
  9. If you want to get a man to fall for you more, get him to do things for you. They don’t have to be grand. This works with simple favors like asking him to help you fix something. We tend to place more value on things we invest our time and our effort towards.

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