The Samsung Gear VR $99.99 at Amazon was a popular device for the holidays if initial stats are to be believed. It seems there were a number of people eyeing a technology that teeters between the short-lived thrill of 3D TVs and the going-out-in-a-blaze-of-glory hoverboard.


VR comes at a few price points, from $20 (or less) for a Google Cardboard device to $599 for a consumer Oculus Rift. The Samsung Gear VR sits at the low end of the spectrum at $99. You’ll need a Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6, or S6 Edge smartphone for it to work. But it hits a sweet spot for those who want to try something slightly more advanced than Cardboard, but not break the bank on a still-emerging tech.

If you bought a Gear VR or are just thinking about it, here’s how to make the most of your experience. These are particularly helpful if you have a sensitive stomach, a fog problem, or if your mom keeps texting while you’re surrounded by zombies.


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