Renting out your home on New Year’s Eve may seem like a great way to make some quick income, but some Airbnb landlords returned to their properties after the holiday to find them in disarray after renters threw raucous parties.

The company says such cases of damage are few and far between, but they wreak havoc on the lives of the people who rent out their homes. Magazine designer Christina McQuillan returned to find a large party at her apartment in the Putney neighborhood of London after being tipped off by a neighbor, according to the Guardian. A television had been ripped off the wall and the apartment reeked of marijuana, according to the report.


In another case, police found underage drinkers throwing a raucous party in a rented apartment in Oakland, Calif. Cigarettes, alcohol bottles and broken glass cluttered the apartment, according to a local news report.

Statement by Airbnb

In both cases, the platform said it had removed the guest’s account. “We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and have removed this guest from our platform,” the company said in a statement issued in response to both instances. The company covers up to $1 million in property damage.


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