What is Something Men Need to Understand?

1.) There is ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME in showing emotions, men cry too.

2.) There is NO CORRELATION whatsoever between having a college degree and being successful in life, the latter requires more than just acing your subjects.

3.) Choose someone NOT JUST on the criteria of physical attraction. Lust fades, love steadies itself, what makes a long-term relationship work is mutual compatibility and trust.

4.) SPEAK UP if you are a victim of male sexual abuse. Admitting it won’t make you less of a man. There’s a reason prison jokes exist!

5.) The sooner you meet people outside of your traditional circles, the faster you realize just how cruel the world is. IT WILL STEEL YOURSELF for the future.

6.) KEEP IMPROVING yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others. Be content with what you have.

7.) NEVER MAKE A DECISION because of societal / family / peer pressure, do it only if it appeals to you. (the whole world be damned!)

8.) GROOM YOURSELF. And look how your immediate society’s behaviour towards you changes.

9.) INSULTING OTHERS (often stemming from juvenile bullying) who are different from you won’t make you butch. Better be known as the guy who gets along with everyone, despite differences.

10.) SPEAK UP AGAINST INJUSTICE. Be known as the man who knows how to take a stance against anything wrong. Be known for your moral code and integrity.

11.) NEVER BORROW MONEY. Be a self-made man. Live your life according to your financial standards, and be happy with the smaller things of life.

12.) MAKE YOUR MARK. Walk, and in turn inspire many, to walk down the perilous path of life successfully. Try doing something worthwhile for others, so that people remember you fondly when you are gone.