259 pounds of fat and sadness


Well, to start this off I’m going to be blunt. I am severely overweight. I just turned 16 and I weight 259 pounds of fat and sadness. due to never eating healthy foods even though my parents do make healthy food most of the time I eat WAY too much of it. I have a weird ability to cut out anything I want out of my life and not need it [relating to food/other things like games and the such.] I had just been cutting out the good foods I need, and today I have started my journey to Finally becoming fit/healthier. weighed my self today and I am 259.8 lbs.

By the end of the month, I am hoping to drop about 5/6 pounds at least. So wish me, good luck guys, I’m cutting out all artificial sugars and such and only eating natural stuff to get I such as fruits. By February I hope to drop 40/50 pounds. I will be working out also which is something I really never do.

I am going to get a personal trainer to help me go the right way through this too. If you guys have any tips tell me ill post in 2 or 3 weeks on progress and continue from there.

I am bad at formatting sorry!