eBay is banning sellers for damaged shipping boxes


So I came into a big lot of kids probiotics, sealed and unexpired. They expire in January and I started selling them in November. Because they’re so close dated I’ve been selling them well below retail, which is around 2 boxes for the retail price of 1. I was originally selling them in a lot of 4 for the price of 1.5, but that listing was quickly taken down because the eBay prescription drug policy does not allow damaged boxes.

Ok, fine I guess, but I don’t consider one creased corner of 1 box to be that damaged. I had other pictures of the lot number and expiration that back up that these did not crush or ripped boxes and also not expired, maybe just some shelf wear. I asked eBay for a business facebook page for advice where the guy told me they were indeed taken down for damage and not to relist. It’s clear if the box even has normal shelf wear, you can’t list it? Ok.

I got these cheap enough that I culled every single box that was not shelf perfect and relisted in 2 packs at a higher price. Nope, taken down again after selling one and this time a 3-day selling restriction came with it, which means my items will not show up in the search for 3 days. Here are my “damaged” boxes.

What irritates me is most people selling them are hiding behind a stock photo anyway so why am I being targeted? You can’t prove they’re NOT selling crushed boxes so why even allow stock photos? I can only think Culturelle themselves or a competitor doesn’t like me selling them so cheaply. It’s cool they can just nuke you for “damaged boxes” even when they look no more damaged then retail boxes. So I guess the point of this rant is has anyone ever had this happen them and also a warning to stay away from medications, even nonprescription stuff. Someone will find a way to slap you down.

What REALLY Happens Behind Closed Doors in the Real Estate Market – Local Records Office

LOCAL RECORDS OFFICE – The single biggest purchase that the majority of Americans will make in their lives is when they buy a house says, ‘Local Records Office’. Last year in the United States, over five million new and existing houses were sold. So what are these properties like, and who is purchasing and selling them? If you are interested in learning more about the housing market, read on. Here is a collection of facts about homes for sale in America.

Who Is Buying Houses?

One out of every three purchasers was a first-time buyer in 2015. First-timers are an average age of thirty-one and boast an income of just under $70,000 says, ‘Local Records Office’. The other two-thirds of purchases were made by repeat buyers with an average age of fifty-three. These experienced buyers had an average income of just under $100,000. Purchasers generally financed about 90% of the cost of their purchase.


What Were Buyers Looking For?

When polled, buyers stated that the most important aspect of a property was not the structure itself, but the quality of the neighborhood where it was located. Buyers also stated that the proximity of the residence to their place of employment was more important than the size of the property. Other important features that potential property owners were interested in when considering homes for sale were security systems, extra storage space, exterior lighting, energy-efficient appliances, insulation, and flooring materials.

Who Is Selling Houses?

The median age of homeowners selling was fifty-four years, with an income a bit over $100,000. Sellers had lived in their house for nine years on average says, ‘Local Records Office’. 89% of sellers used a real estate agent when they sold their residence, and it was on the market for approximately four weeks. Final sales prices were generally about 98% of the asking value.

What Is the Average House Like?

In 2015, the median cost for a house in the United States was roughly $175,000. On average, purchased residences were built in 1991, and ran about 1,900 square feet. Most residences sold had two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The most expensive state for acquiring homes was Hawaii, with a median price of $548,000, followed closely by Washington D.C. and California, at $489,000 and $448,000 respectively.

West Virginia offered the most affordable properties, ringing in at $89,000 typically, followed by Mississippi and Oklahoma, tied at $113,000.


In conclusion, the variety of homes for sale is as diverse as the potential purchasers in the market for a new residence says, ‘Local Records Office’. Properties can be found that cost over $100,000,000, or less than $100,000. That said, the average residence is still three bedrooms, two-bathroom structure.

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