Relationship: Can You Stay Friend After Break-Up?

Even though it’s possible, I would actually recommend against trying this. If there wasn’t enough reason to stay, it suggests that you are moving with different trajectories as far as your lives are concerned. It’s only going to get harder to make time for the person you broke up with.

I think the issue at the heart of the matter is why you want to keep the other person around. If codependency or convenience or other similar issues are at play, be very careful and considerate as you proceed.

Breaking up is tough. I hope you find the solution you seek.

Things I Do After A Break-Up

My 8 year old relationship had come to an end when my ex GF told me that she doesn’t see a future with me because my career was not stable. But into the very first week after the breakup I planned a 12 Day trek in the mountains.

Later near the date I started planning a bike tour on the side.

At first I thought I will ride my bicycle a thousand Km uphill to the base camp of the trek. Later I extended my holiday with a long 20 day bike tour. And after finishing the trek I went off on a long solo bicycle tour to Laddakh. I ended up traveling over 40 days only sustaining myself with a very small amount of cash and my tiny bicycle.


Traveling alone allowed me to have peace with myself. It helped me think about the decisions I have made. I got a lot of cool ideas while riding. I realized that now that I am single I can take much bigger risks.

On my way back a local newspaper published a story about my trip. Things started looking positive and soon enough I got my hands on a really cool international assignment.Read full story here.