My Honest “Alternate App” Review

Alternote takes the Evernote experience to the next level with its uncluttered and visually appealing interface, making writing and organizing the main focus. Using Alternates does however not infer the need to abandon the normal Evernote ecosystem. Since Alternote syncs directly to the Evernote sync service, the apps will happily and seamlessly coexist.

The main interface is divided into three columns just like regular Evernote, with a sidebar containing various views into all notes, and provides the ability to star notes for easy access. Notes added to the shortcuts list in Evernote will however not sync over to Alternote automatically. The second column contains a list of all notes within the selected notebook, tag or stack and is available in two variants where the normal view will show the title, and a snippet of the note text, while the compact mode will only show the title.

Twitter Will Turn Off Ads for Certain People – See Who They Are

WIRE TELEGRAM — Twitter has made a move that could appeal to some and annoy others.

The social network turned off ads for certain VIP users, Re/code reports, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the move. In some cases, VIP users see ads here and there, but in most cases, they see nothing.

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According to Re/code’s sources, the feature has been live for a couple months. There does not appear to be any hard and fast rules regarding who get the ad-free Twitter, but number of followers and reach appears to be the main factors.

The idea, according to the report, is to keep celebrities and other active users heavily engaged in Twitter as the company tries to keep pace with rival social networks, like Facebook and Instagram, which have a faster growth trajectory. Indeed, Twitter’s growth issues have proven to be among the biggest problems facing investors over the last couple of years.

Still, the idea to not show ads could also be just as troublesome to investors. Ads, after all, are central to how Twitter generates revenue.

That said, Re/code says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey firmly believes it will keep celebrities engaged with the service, thereby helping the company attract more users. Losing ad revenue on a few users, in other words, is worth it if more users can be added over time.