5 Chilling Things You Didn’t Notice About ‘Get Out’ the First Time Around

This post contains spoilers about the plot and ending of Get Out.

Fans of Jordan Peele’s excellent directorial debut, Get Out, have wasted no time trying to suss out the film’s multiple layers and hidden meanings. On its surface, the thrilling blockbuster is about a black guy visiting his white girlfriend’s in-laws—and uncovering a horrific family secret in the process. But Peele, who also wrote the film, also packed his film with funny, bizarre, and meaningful Easter eggs and references. Here are five surprising things you might not have noticed the first time around. (Guess you’ll just have to see the movie again, right?)


Near the end of the film, Alison Williams’s character, Rose, eats a strange snack while searching for her next victim and listening to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”: an assortment of Froot Loops, which she bizarrely eats one by one with a tall glass of milk. In an interview with an online source prior to the film’s release, Peele explained how that idea came to fruition.

“That’s one of my favorite scenes,” he said. “I came up with it a couple days before we shot it, just feverishly trying to figure out what is the most fucking psychotic snack she could be eating, and what is the most psychotic way she could be doing it. And so, yeah, we had this idea that she’s like total O.C.D., stunted growth, and just one of these people that eats her old childhood snacks in exactly the way she used to do it.”


Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya) is ultimately able to escape from his captors—and their hypnotic powers—by stuffing his ears with small bunches of cotton. His use of cotton in particular is just another racially charged bit of social commentary.


One of the film’s more unsettling scenes (before that big, bloody ending) takes place when Chris steps outside late at night for a cigarette. While he’s out there, he sees Walter (Marcus Henderson) running at top speed in the backyard, oblivious to Chris’s presence. We later find out that Walter is the host for Rose’s evil grandfather . . . who never got over the fact that Jesse Owens beat him at the Olympics. Hence the maniacal late-night running sprees.

Sharp viewers have also pointed out that the Olympic loss might have been the incident that inspired the elder Armitage to start the sickening, cultish business of luring in and lobotomizing black men and women.

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